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Lawn Care, Landscaping & snow removal Services in Staten Island, NY

Free Estimates - Your lawn will be evaluated by a trained professional with 44 years of experience. Just call the office and set up a day and time that is convenient for you. When our experienced representative visits you, he will evaluate your lawn and suggest a customized program of services that suits your property and budget. There will be no "hard sell" from us.
Garden - Lawn Care Service  in Staten Island, NY
Weekly Lawn Maintenance
Once a week mowing and edging the lawn.

Spring Cleanups and Lawn Renovations
This is a great time to start a lawn renovation that will include power raking to remove all dead matted grass that has accumulated in the lawn over the past season. Also, seeding and fertilizer can be applied to wake up your lawn for a great growing season
Leaf Removal - Lawn Care Service in Staten Island, NY
Chemical Program
We can schedule timely applications of fertilizer, weed control, lime and fungicide specially formulated to keep your lawn and shrubs healthy for years to come.
Trimming and Pruning
Proper timing is the key for the pruning and trimming of hedges, shrubs, ornamentals, and trees to maintain the health and appearance of a professionally landscaped property.
Fall Cleanups and Lawn Renovations
Fall weather is the perfect time to renovate a burnt, dried out or weak looking lawn.
Leaf Removal
Leaving leaves on the lawn all fall and winter is a sure way to damage and promote disease to your lawn. Don't break your back raking up all those leaves, we can rake and bag them for you.
Pond Installation, Maintenance and Repair
Enhance your property with a natural looking water element. Whether it's a Koi pond with aquatic plants, or a decorative pond with a waterfall, you'll enjoy the soothing sounds of water. We can design a custom look that will compliment your home. We also provide maintenance service for the cleaning and care of filters, pumps, and water quality.
Masonry and Timber Retaining Walls
Regain sloped areas of your property, stop erosion, build up low lying drainage areas, or create decorative shrub beds.
Snow Removal Services
Lawn-Care, Inc, now offers snow removal services. We’ll clear the way for your residence or commercial property so you can stay warm inside.

Our company takes into consideration all of your snow removal needs by using equipment with rubber blades (which will not damage sidewalks or pavers) and applying only Calcium Chloride which is gentle on lawns and plants, to de-ice walks, steps, and driveways.
Snow Removing - Lawn Care Service in Staten Island, NY
Over 44 Years of Dependable Customer Service
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